About Us


About Us

Get to Know Vitrix Trade

We were born as a company focused on commercializing products for the international market, bringing quality and agility to all stakeholders. Counting on the experience of the founders and all employees in the following departments:

Rooted in its entrepreneurial DNA, expertise in international business intelligence has been the driving force behind remarkable and robust growth in a surprisingly short period.

Vitrix trade is a specialist in exporting fresh fruits, Vitrix is synonymous with quality standard.

Quality is our main concern. We only work with certified companies because it is extremely important to guarantee the property and food safety of our products to our customers. The verification process starts from the beginning, with the selection of our producers.

The Best of Brazil, Straight from the Farms to You!

In an increasingly connected world, where flavors and gastronomic experiences transcend borders, we are proudly by the side of producers who carry with them an ancestral family tradition. It is through this solid partnership that we guarantee the best of Brazil, bringing directly from the farms to the demanding palates of our customers in Europe, North America, and Asia.


Quality from the Beginning

To meet the high-quality requirements of food retailers, the inflexible quality assurance of our products throughout the supply chain is our top priority. This is the goal we achieve daily. Fruits and vegetables with guaranteed freshness! We offer a wide variety of quality selected fruits, thanks to the close cooperation with long-standing suppliers and sophisticated logistics processes.

People and the environment are at the center of our actions

Those who produce or market food have a special responsibility for people and the environment. We are happy to face this task, which is to work day after day to make production as economical as possible and improve social standards.