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Our services range from the selection of the best products to efficient delivery logistics, ensuring that your needs are met with excellence. Whether you are an importer or exporter, Vitrix Trade is the reliable partner you are looking for.

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Complete customer/exporter support at all stages of the export process.

Our specialized team is ready to assist you in all stages, from quality control and arrivals to logistical support.

As an experienced export agency, we understand the importance of exploring new markets.

Necessary qualifications to enable the producer for export.

Registration in MAPA and issuance of Siscomex radar.

This project consists of producing technical documents and filling in data in the computerized systems ANVISA, SIPAGRO, and/or SIGSIF to obtain establishment and product registration in the food sector.


To provide other nations and cultures with the delightful experience of tasting the best fresh fruits produced in Brazil.


Focus on the quality of our products, sustainability, commitment, focus on the environment.